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Thanks for stopping by. has been the home for my blog for 4 years, until a combination of technical difficulties and human (that is, my) inattention turned it into a well seasoned soup of poorly behaved electrons.  I am in the process of recreating order out of entropy - which is going to make the universe very mad.

My first task has been to get the blogging platform up and running.  Now I I can begin restore my 330+  posts (the ones worth restoring, at least) and start posting anew.

Subsequent tasks will include:

  • Add some basic information about me, the site, and the practice of primary care with engaged patients. (My passion.)
  • Getting RSS feeds to work.
  • Adding back my genealogy section.
  • Adding back my photography section.
  • Working on a personalized theme.

This is going to be a work in progress. If something seems broken when you visit, please be patient and come back in a few days. This is not my primary activity. 

Talk to you again soon.

Peter Elias, MD

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