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Mea Sententia translates roughly as 'My Opinion' and has been my intermittent blog since 2011. Much of my writing is about medical issues, but my topics range through philosophy, behavioral and decision making, management, humor, and personal/family anecdotes.


Meetings as a collaboration deterrent

Meetings are an excellent tool for top-down hierarchies to manage and control information and decision making, but are inherently inimical to broad participation or collaborative processes.  Here are eight specific ways in which meetings, when used alone,  represent a barrier to collaboration rather than a collaborative tool…

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Clinical hypnosis: my first attempt

He walked in without an appointment and asked the receptionist for a ‘subscription for penicillin.’ Judy buzzed me, saying in the special quiet tone she used for urgent matters, that I needed to come to the desk - now. He was an impressive sight, big enough to have to stoop to talk to Judy through the window and wide enough to completely block the view of the waiting room behind him.

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Thought for the day

Those who say it cannot be done…

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Idiopathic: curse or challenge

This sentiment, recently posted by Anonymous on got me thinking:

“Every time I hear the word idiopathic my heart sinks, my eyes fill with tears, and I’m instantly exhausted.  Idiopathic means your doctor gives up.  They give up on a cause.  They give up on a treatment.  They give up on you.”

I suspect Anonymous accurately portrays a common experience, but I see idiopathic differently.

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Digging holes in Maine

It was our first Fall in Maine...

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My first experience with clinical hypnosis

It was the week before final exams at the end of my first year in medical school when the pain in my back lower left molar finally reached a point where it could no longer be ignored. And I had ignored my teeth for some time.

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Some fourth anniversary thoughts on joining the Borg

Four years ago this month, my family practice elected to join a local hospital owned and managed outpatient medical group. It has not gone as planned.

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Monthly Mangled Medicalese (MMM)

The language of medicine is highly evolved and complex and allows clear, detailed, specific and unambiguous descriptions. Except when it’s not.

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Engagement and the underpants gnomes

They say, life imitates art.

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The dictator's dilemma

Christopher Kedzie coined the term Dictator’s Dilemma in the early 1990s in reference to the fact that a dictator’s attempts to prevent opposition by controlling access to information and limiting the ability to use the internet for communication or community building has the inevitable effect of harming business and damaging the economy, resulting in conditions more conducive to rebellion.

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