Ten rules for the PCP

Primary care medicine is intense and chaotic, a constantly mutating kaleidoscope of information, emotions, goals and obstacles. It is designed to confuse and distract, and will find and magnify any tendencies towards ADD in even the most organized clinician.  During my 30+ years as a family doc, I’ve come to depend on some core principles and concepts to stay grounded and maintain focus. Below the fold are my Ten Rules.

  1. It’s always about the patient
  2. Patients are people
  3. People are neither rational nor predictable
  4. It’s the relationship, stupid
  5. Use the right tool(s) for the job
  6. Listen
  7. The doctor is the drug
  8. It isn’t the patient’s fault (even when it is)
  9. It’s about time (and there’s never enough time.)
  10. Enjoy yourself

For comments and exposition about these, and what they mean to me, see the full version.



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