A note to disruptive docs everywhere

In 2004, Dr. Lawrence Huntoon wrote an editorial (in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons Volume 9 Number 3 Fall 2004) expressing concern about the potential abuse of ‘disruptive physician’ clauses being added to many medical staff Bylaws. Below the fold is my updated version of the poem (Memo to the Disruptive Physician) included in his editorial.


Memo to the Disruptive Physician


Oh how we strive

For quality high,

For health

And most of all safety.


But a word to the wise:

Reproof we despise

And outspoken physicians:

We hate thee.


So feel free to opine,

But note we define

All critics

As never constructive.


Coordination is swell.

Cooperation as well.

But not

Collaborative action.


Ideas that are new,

Or perspectives from you

Are tagged

As simply eruptive.


And so we shall see

A new organizational tree

Where input

Is largely obstructed.


And if you pursue

Expressing your view,

Expect to be

Labeled disruptive.



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