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Lessons from a granddaughter...

Playing with my three year old granddaughter is teaching me to be mindful of whose world I am in, and to behave accordingly. 


In her world, she is the native and I am a tourist. The rules and customs are hers. Things go well when I can relax and let the native guide me. My attempts to impose customs or rules from my world on her world fail spectacularly. As they should.

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Serial sicknesses

Some of the things we learn during our medical training are startlingly obvious, but only after we have learned them.

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What I learned from a garbage can

My parents never yelled, let alone spanked. We always understood what was expected of us and feared failure rather than punishment. They expressed disappointment far more often than they showed anger. They often asked us to devise our own punishments. And, perhaps above all, they were masters of the object lesson.

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