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Put on your shoes

It was January and there were several inches of fresh snow on the ground and no shoveled path to the car. The temperature in the teens. I had an errand to run with a child who INSISTED on going barefoot.  The following brief conversation between a seriously sleep deprived post-call parent and an articulate three year old. 

“Do you want to put your shoes on yourself, or do you want help?”

"I don't NEED to wear shoes. My feet aren't cold."

"They will be. It's cold out."

"My feet aren't cold."

"Put your shoes on."



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My Christmas wish for you...

You know those newsy letters tucked into a card, a collection of headlines about a family's adventures since the last holiday season, often accompanied by a photo or two? 

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Thanksgiving thanks

I am thankful for it all, both the bad and the good. For all the things that make the world what it is. I am thankful for the opportunity to participate, to try to make a difference.  And I wish you all the best holiday you can have and the opportunity to be thankful, too.



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