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The Nordic season begins

With a solid 18 inches of snow and the much appreciated work of our expert grooming crew, I had my first real skinny skiing session of the season. It was 11 F when I started, and the temperature was on the way down. But the sky was blue, the tracks were great, and the cold weather kept the crowds down.

It is going to be very cold for the next 10 days, so we are off to a good start. Some photos:

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After decades of hiking, camping, canoeing, kayaking and swimming in various back country environments, it finally happened. I have been colonized. Beaver fever, also known as giardiasis, caused by the protozoan Giardia lamblia.  Enjoying my metronidazole.

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First hike of the season (Baldpate)

First hike of the season and it’s official: I’m out of shape.
The plan was to do Baldpate via the AT from Grafton Notch, and I was enthusiastic enough to be fully packed before I went to bed the night before, up at 5:00, on the road at 6 and at the trailhead by 7:30:

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