Shared decision making

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Information in medicine

Information is the currency of medical care. Transparency is the way it is vetted. Communication is the way it is shared.  Collaboration is the way it generates patient-centered outcomes. The right information must always be available to the right people at the right time in the right format.

And, by ‘available to the right people’ I don’t just mean the PCP or the consultant.

I mean the patient. 

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Seven questions to ask before a test

When your clinician suggests a test, here are seven questions you should consider asking. (And if you are a clinician, you should be asking yourself these questions before you recommend the test.)

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Negotiated risk reduction

He had called and asked for medication for his cholesterol because he had been told by his wellness program at work that he needed to be on medication for his cholesterol to prevent a heart attack.  He didn’t understand why he needed to take time off work to come in and discuss the risks, benefits, and options before I would prescribe anything. And he was irritated that his wife was making a big deal about it. 

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