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Smart phones. Stupid users.

The small balcony of our motel in Port Angeles afforded me a fine view. Sitting there, I enjoyed spectacular sunsets, a wide range of shore birds, and the ferries coming in and leaving from Victoria across the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

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Ode to the grumps


Long ago, in a distant land, in circumstances seeming dire, a dear friend penned this for me. It surfaced this week while I sorted papers. Like all truths and most good literature, it is timeless. I offer it, with thanks to Jill, for those in need.

Ode to the Grumps


Many a time it hath been stated

to the grumps we oft are fated

tho' such condition is rare to find

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Long Trail newbies

Every experienced backpacker has a collection of newbie stories suitable for teaching and humor. One of my favorites involves a young couple looking for romantic adventure.

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